Thursday, November 12, 2009

Financial Aid for Dental Implants?

We are doing a prject for school and wondered if anyone knew of any ways for financial assistance when getting dental implants, I know there is a card for dental work but what ese could be used to help pay for the implants!

Financial Aid for Dental Implants?
A dental discount plan can be very useful and helpful in these situations. These plans are not insurance, however, they do offer substantial discounts on dental services, ranging from 25-80%! This can mean a huge discount off of the cost of implants. for more information.

Dental insurance plans vary in their coverage. Most, if not all of them, offer routine maintenance, basic care and emergencies. After researching the subject and looking around for a plan that would cover a significant portion of the bill – I can confidently tell you that there is no such thing as dental implant insurance.

Some dental insurance policies will offer partial coverage which will lower your total expenses by just a bit, other policies will tell you they DO cover dental implants but when you read the small print you'll realize they have a maximum allowed annual coverage. In some cases your dental plan may offer coverage in the amount of an alternative treatment such as partials or dentures.

Even though prices are high you can still find a cheap dental implant by using these tips/ideas -

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